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Since 2015, University of Baltimore undergraduate students have published the yearly literary journal, Skelter, from start to finish. It is an anthology of poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and artwork compiled exclusively by the University of Baltimore community--students, faculty, staff and alumni and produced by UB students.

This exceptional learning experience not only gives our students the chance to witness and participate in the publication of a book, it is an opportunity for us to share the wealth of creativity and talent that UB family has to offer.

But talent alone can't publish Skelter. We need to raise money for operating expenses, which include:

  • a stipend for a teaching assistant to act as managing editor for the issue
  • costs to operate the platform for submissions to the journal
  • printing
  • promotion and advertising for the publication

Please give today and make the 4th edition of Skelter a reality. You will be impacting our students and helping to share the creative talents of the UB community.

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