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The Poor People's Campaign: 50 Years Later A Project of College of Public Affairs

UB students can make positive change by looking to the past

In 1968, The Poor People's Campaign inspired protesters from across America to trek to Washington, D.C. in order to bring attention to the issues that burdened marginalized people. Thousands of the protesting poor built a temporary encampment, called "Resurrection City, USA," which existed for six weeks on the National Mall.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Poor People's Campaign, both the College of Public Affairs and the College of Arts & Sciences are coming together to offer a series of special-topic courses and public sessions, which are open to the community, and centered on the Poor People's Campaign and its ongoing themes of justice, freedom, and jobs.

Your support will allow us to host two veterans of the protest at "Resurrection City, USA," Marc Steiner of the Center for Emerging Media, and the College of Public Affairs' own Dr. Lenneal Henderson. We will also invite recognized authorities to conduct public sessions which will examine racism, poverty, homelessness, voter suppression, and addiction--all issues that still affect so many Americans.

Please help UB students learn how to make positive change in the lives of our most vulnerable communities--make a gift today!

Photo: Houston, Robert (2007), in Aaron Bryant, Most Daring Dream (pp. 22,26), Washington, DC: James E. Lewis Museum of Art

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